Sound and Movement Healing Event for SIBO & IBS

This event has passed. Watch the replay below!
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Monica helps mindful, creative empaths struggling with gut issues and anxiety find food freedom, digestive repair, and stress relief so they can break free from the prison of gut dysfunction and feel limitless!

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Sound and Movement healing for better gut health.

In this special 90 minute virtual event, Monica will lead a Move to Heal session with the accompaniment of frequency-minded music by Listening to Smile. Learn various techniques to calm your nervous system, improve digestion, increase circulation and release tension with breathwork, movement, and self-therapy. Meanwhile, allow your consciousness to embark on a sound journey of Sonic Meditation, designed for healing and release. The movement and music work together and deliver the ultimate relaxation experience to improve digestive dysfunction and intestinal disorder.

After one hour of relaxation and exploration stay for a Q&A with Monica and Ian Morris. Ian is the founder and lead musician for Listening to Smile. They will answer questions about frequency-minded music and Moving to Heal.

Listen to the podcast with Ian and Monica!

Featuring the Frequency Minded Music of Listening to Smile Listening to Smile creates a new Frequency Minded Music Monthly in the theme of astrological energy.

Disclaimer: Sound and Movement Healing is not intended to replace medical treatment or treatment provided by a physician. Sound and Movement Healing is not a treatment for any medical condition and is not intended for diagnosis. Please seek your trusted physician’s guidance before making decisions about treating your condition.

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