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Run a Lab Test!
What is Functional Lab Testing? Healing SIBO & IBS with Better Health by Monica

Are you ready to find out what’s going on inside?

Run one of the following lab tests on yourself, your child, or family member and receive a 90-minute interpretation and supplement recommendation (supplements not included but are 20% off and range from $100-$200).

90-Minute Interpretation and Clinical Assessment = $185

Choose from the following lab tests. No more than one lab test per interpretation.

Organic Acids Test : Morning Urine Sample = $374

GI MAP : Stool Sample = $424 (option to add gluten sensitivity marker for $64)

DUTCH Complete : 4-5 Dry Urine Samples = $250

Please schedule a free consult with Monica so she can answer your questions and get the test to you ASAP!

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