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Improving the emotional and physical health of young dancers in a modern world.

Classes and Workshops for Dancers

It’s time to confront the emotional and nutritional matters that are associated with dance. There are many ways we can help a young dancer release anxiety and build confidence. One of those ways is through movement. I teach classes that will show dancers how they can practice releasing anxiety, confronting fear, and strengthen concentration to become calm, clear, and confident performers and people. 


Monica is a professional dancer turned certified health coach. She offers nutrition classes and workshops to both kids, adults and families. Monica shares the foundations of nutrition and addresses questions like: 

How can we eat to nourish our bodies? 

How can we develop better habits around food? 

How can we change our food-body image relationship?

How can we stay fit but also healthy?

How can we navigate the grocery store? 

What’s in the food that we eat and how is it impacting our health?

About Monica

Monica is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner who helps mindful people suffering from gut issues and anxiety find their food freedom, digestive, and stress relief so they feel relaxed and in control of their health. 

Monica holds a BFA in Dance from Northern Illinois University. She had a versatile career as a dancer in New York City for seven years before shifting her attention to health. Throughout her dance career, Monica suffered from severe digestive problems and anxiety. It became her mission to heal herself, and she succeeded after discovering holistic health. 

Monica designs her health coaching programs to help others with their gut issues and anxiety using functional lab testing, natural interventions, and nervous system retraining through movement and self-therapy. As a result, her clients go from feeling frustrated and highly symptomatic to calm, confident, and free of digestive dysfunction. 

Her next goal is to spread her message to the dance world. She believes there is a void in the dance industry. Dancers spend hours training their technique and perfecting performance skills but little time addressing mental, emotional, and nutritional health. 

Monica knows she was not alone in her struggles with anxiety and health issues. She feels there is a need to make space in the studio, university, and conservatory setting to address dancers’ mental, emotional and nutritional health. She believes the best way to help dancers is through the one thing they love the most, movement. 

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