Monica helps hardworking, optimistic people who feel limited in life, find their food freedom and digestive relief so they can become limitless!

Monica struggled with SIBO and IBS her entire life. She was able to heal herself and break free of SIBO relapses by following the principles of functional medicine. She has a passion for guiding people through self-healing programs and educating clients on how to regain control of their health so they are no longer ruled by the bathroom. Read her full story here.

Monica lived in NYC for seven years working in the restaurant industry so she could pursue a career as a professional dancer. Dance was her first passion and she had a versatile career with dance companies, cruise ships, and as an aerial performer. Health became her second passion. She decided to make the career change as a health coach. She was so inspired by the new research on the Microbiome that she knew this was a field she must excel in and help spread the importance of gut health. She understands what it’s like to be a starving artist, to have limited resources, and feel completely overwhelmed! Change is possible. Better health is possible. Having the right coach by your side can make these changes more accessible and easier to achieve!

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