Becoming Curious About How Your Choices Impact Your Gut

Healing the gut requires so much more than supplements and restrictive dieting. Everything we expose our bodies to has a dramatic impact on our gut health. 

If you are not getting results from a protocol, supplement, or drug, it may be time to take a different approach. 

My approach is truly holistic. But to grasp the concept of a holistic approach to healing the gut, we need to build self-awareness. 

Keep reading for a gift to help build self-awareness!

Throughout our lives, we create habits around food and stress. We rationalize symptoms as normal or think we are fine when we may not be.

Looking back, I realize my gut issues and anxiety were 100% because of my habits around food and stress. I rationalized that my symptoms were just the way my body was. It wasn’t until I started to evaluate my life that I made real life-changing, health-improving choices for myself.

But what kind of evaluation should we be doing?

Once we’ve discovered unhealthy habits or harmful environmental factors, what can we do about it all?

Well, I cannot stress enough that change does not happen overnight, and we often only have so much control over our environment and lifestyle. But once we identify the “red flags” of our lifestyle and environment, we can start to make minor changes that make significant differences. In time and with more information, we can reduce stress dramatically. 

For instance, if you live in a city, you are exposed to more pollution, electromagnetic fields, and most likely stress in the fast-paced world. Although you cannot change your location, you CAN change other aspects of your life to mitigate the harms of these other things. For example, you CAN adopt new habits to reduce stress, block blue light, and limit toxin exposure.


Don’t worry. I am bringing you calm and clarity to this loaded subject. In just under two years, I have slowly made changes that have benefited my gut health. But, it’s the little changes I believe that have brought me to better gut health, more energy, and way less anxiety. 

So let’s keep it simple and not get ahead of ourselves. 

First, start by evaluating your lifestyle. We must become curious about what goes in, on, and near your body. 

Take my Holistic Healing Questionnaire to build this curiosity and stick with me to learn specific steps to achieve better gut health and less stress. 

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I am a Health Coach and Pilates instructor. I strive to help people find their food freedom and digestive relief so they can become limitless!

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