Why Hire a Health Coach?

It wasn’t until I decided to become a health coach that I truly understood what a Health Coach was (or my definition of it) and realized how a health coach could have saved me many years of pain and suffering. I struggled with severe gut issues my entire life. Please read my story here. Through the many years of discomfort, I had countless trial and error cycles. I struggled with three main roadblocks while trying to heal myself:

  1. Complete overwhelm around the health industry, SIBO treatments/diets, supplements, and why I felt the way I did. This would cause me to throw up my hands and say, “F&%K IT! I just have to live with this, I guess.”
  2. Unable to stay on a restrictive diet (or any lifestyle change) for long term
  3. Constantly comparing my body and experiences to others.

If you relate to this, and you continue to seek information about your issues but find contradicting information, end up more confused, or you find it very difficult to know what foods to eat, leaving you lost and frustrated, then hiring a health coach may be the best thing for you right now.

Hiring a Health Coach provides Accountability & Clarity

Some people have no problems adopting new habits and staying committed to a new regiment. Some have an amazing amount of willpower and have no problems saying NO to “bad things” and YES to “good things.”

But if you’re like me, you may struggle with long-term lifestyle changes. You start really well, and then something comes up that pushes you off the wagon, making it very hard to get back on the wagon.

A good health coach will not only offer accountability in the form of checking in, tracking progress while providing positive encouragement, but they can help you visualize the healing process and put purpose behind your choices. Tracking and bi-monthly coaching sessions can be enough to keep someone committed, but there is also a huge benefit to having a plan laid out for you before embarking on a health journey. 

I believe I could never stay on track because I would lose my purpose and didn’t really know where I was going or what I wanted. Of course, weight loss or fewer stomach aches was on my mind, but I always felt like I was navigating in the dark and taking it day by day with no planning. 

I lay out a clear plan for my clients. They can visualize the process and set goals for each phase of the program. They know exactly what to eat and when to eat and have tools to plan their meals. They know what supplements to start, how much, and when to take them. We also incorporate exercise protocols and stress reduction in their calendar. 

The clarity of waking up each day, knowing your “tasks,” understanding your body, setting clear goals, and knowing how you’re going to achieve them can make all the difference. Many tools are available to health coaches, so accountability and clarity are easy and accessible to the client. For example, I use an interactive calendar, a tracking/food logging system, automated program tools, and a centralized database to keep everybody organized. 

I haven’t even mentioned Functional Lab Testing! Health coaching programs can be beneficial with or without Functional Lab Testing. But, labs offer a lot of valuable information about the physiology and malfunctions in the body. Having this information can make the healing process highly individualized and provide more clarity to the client. To learn more about Functional Lab testing and my take on it, click here.

A health coach offers the most attention compared to (most) other health care professionals. 

When we think about our relationship with our doctor, specialist, chiropractor, acupuncturist, etc., it’s usually a once in a while meeting, a brief visit. Then you’re off on your own.

This is not the “fault” of a doctor. This is a business model. For (some of) these professionals to make a decent living, they need to see many patients. They prescribe, recommend, provide a service, you pay for that, and then you’re on your way. They usually do not have the time to give more attention. This can be quite effective depending on your needs.

If you feel like you have many unanswered questions or disagree with your provider, then a health coach could be a good option for you.

Health coaches practice differently. We offer a lot of one-on-one attention to each client, and our business model allows for that. We investigate each case by collecting and looking through information provided by a client, interpreting test results, and taking the time to explain them to the client. We build individualized health plans that consider the person’s lifestyle and special needs. We meet with our clients often and have a more direct line of communication. Of course, every health coach has a different style, but this separates us from the rest. This is why we offer programs that require a larger investment. 

When a person invests in a health coaching program, they are not only getting a unique, intensive experience, but they are more likely to value that experience because there is a price tag attached to it. This encourages more commitment and responsibility for both parties. 

When I think about my three main problems when struggling with IBS and SIBO (overwhelm, lack of motivation, looking elsewhere for reassurance and information), those things could have been solved by working with a good health coach!

If you want to erase all the confusion, stop comparing and searching for validity in your health decisions, then find a health coach you connect with and trust.

Regain confidence in your ability to control your health and life!

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