Three things to know before hiring a Health Coach.

  1. It’s A Team Effort.

You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. When we venture into the healing landscape, we will be challenged. Be prepared to find the strength to apply lifestyle changes, even if your inner voice is making excuses not to. How can we change if we don’t force ourselves to adapt? By hiring a health coach you are welcoming these challenges. Be optimistic about conquering them!

2. A Health Coaching Program is Not A Quick Fix.

Health coaching offers a very different approach compared to Western Medicine or other forms of healthcare. This is why you hire a health coach! We do not have a magic pill or treatment to “cure” you. Usually, people turn to health coaches because they have tried all the “magic pills” and they have not worked. This is a process that requires, commitment, willpower, trust, and patience!

3. Healing is Not Linear.

When we start to eat better, sleep better and practice better health habits we think that better health should come quickly. That is not always the case. In fact, when I started to treat my body better I actually felt worse before I felt better. We have to give ourselves time to adapt to these changes. It can take a few months to feel the effects of eating clean and fueling ourselves properly. Healing is not linear, meaning, reaching our health goals is not always a step-by-step guaranteed process. Trust the plan, stick with it and give yourself time to heal. Staying positive and focusing on small improvements can help keep you motivated and a health coach is there to remind you of your progress and help keep you on track. 

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