Ep. 11 – Sound Healing for the Gut with Ian Morris Healing SIBO & IBS with Better Health by Monica –> Listen to more episodes!

Monica helps mindful, creative people struggling with gut issues and anxiety find food freedom, digestive repair, and stress relief so they can break free from gut dysfunction and feel limitless!

Monica’s approach to healing the gut and calming anxiety

The Three-Phases to Healing the Gut and Eliminating Anxiety

Monica takes a clear and progressive approach to healing the gut and improving mood disorders. Her approach is uniquely designed to address the true root causes of dysfunction by guiding clients through three phases of healing. Each phase is a separate program but includes the previous phase.

  1. The Ambitious Phase
    • Laying the “foundation for healing” through nutrition, supportive supplementation, detoxification, and Move to Heal Sessions
  2. The Thriving Phase
    • Once a “foundation of healing” is built, we conduct an extensive investigation of your health using functional lab testing, specialized protocols and continue to Move to Heal.
  3. The Limitless Phase
    • We’ve done so much work at this point to educate you on healthy practices, support your body’s natural healing ability, address microbiome imbalance, strengthen your physiological weaknesses, and retrain your nervous system, but we cannot stop there. This is the crucial phase of adaptation. The Limitless Phase will regulate, repair, and revitalize you, so you feel in total control of your health!

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How can we MOVE TO HEAL?

Movement may be the missing piece to reducing your digestive issues and anxiety. Trauma and chronic stress get stored in the body and prevent us from fully healing. Movement can help balance the nervous system and release tension which will improve gut health, circulation and balance. Schedule a free consultation with me to learn more!

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